DutchClamps has been developing short circuit proof mounting for cable since 1982.

The product from Holland is designed as per NEN-EN-IEC 61914:2009 international safety standard 

The main material of our design is glass fibre reinforced polyamide as the main ingredient.
Dutchclamp cable clamps (cable cleats) are self-extinguishing and halogen free.

The cable clamps (cable cleats) have been tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratories U.S.A), Prof. Ir. Damstra Laboratory (Eaton), Volta laboratory in Grenoble (Schneider), KEMA and SGS Brussels, in accordance with international safety standard NEN-EN-IEC 61914:2009.

*Test Report available upon request*


Nkt Cable Germany is established in 1891 as a cable manufacturer and nkt is the most successfully and widely accepted power cable connector company in the world.

Headquarterd in Cologne, with production facilities across Europe and China.

Nkt is presently the market leader for power cable accessories, They are approved for use with all major switchgear makers such as Meiden, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Alstom, etc.etc.

Other than Medium Voltage Application, NKT is also the market leader in High Voltage solution applicable from 72kv to 245kv.

The product range covers cable joints, cable connectors for SF6-switchgears and transformers as well as indoor- and outdoor terminations.


Ergom is an engineering company founded by 2 Engineer, Presently the market leader in Poland with exports to over 50 Countries worldwide.

Over 25 years of experience in providing complete solution to both local and overseas market.

Every day over 15,000 products from our offer are used in energy, electrotechnic, automotive, telecommunications, medical and building industries.


Hongshang is a national high-tech enterprise, the company is certified by ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and they are a member of Chinese Isotope and Radiation Profession Association.

Despite the stringent requirement by Nuclear Facilities, Hongshang is one of the Chinese maker which is approved for use within Chinese Nuclear Facilities, This is a testament to Hongshang Quality. On top of this, Hongshang MV heatshink solution has also tested and comply to HD629.S2 by KEMA Test lab in Holland.


Cooper Power systems is argubly one of the most (if not the most) reputable brand in North America.

Capable of offering total solution for both IEC and NEC market segment.

Now part of Eaton group, Cooper power system is one of the few in the world capable of offering a complete solution for Underground and Overhead connection system, Transformer, SF6 switchgear, Fuse, Control Relay, MV Surge arrester, Network Protector, Voltage regulator.

  • Complete MV Screened separable connector system meets the requirements of IEC 60502-4 and
    CENELEC HD 659.1 S2 (3rd Party Test report available upon request)
  • Interface A
    • 24kv Class 250A
      • DE250 DeadBreak Screened Elbow
      • DS250 DeadBreak Straight connector  
  • Interface B
    • 24kv Class 400A
      • DT400P DeadBreak Screened Elbow (36Kv - DT436P option available)
      • DE400 DeadBreak Screened Elbow (36Kv - DE436 option available)
  • Interface C
    • 24kv Class 630A
      • DTS624 DeadBreak Screened Elbow (42Kv 1250A - DTS1242 option available)
      • DTB624 DeadBreak Screened Companion Coupler (42Kv 1250A - DTB1242 option available)
      • DT400 DeadBreak Screened Elbow (36kv - DT436 option available)
      • DPC400 connecting plug (36kv - DPC436 option available)
  • Interface D
    • 24kv Class 800A
      • DT608 Deadbreak Screened Elbow (24Kv 1250A - DT612 Option available)


Tridelta Meidensha gmbh Germany Surge arrester was established and headquarter in Hemsdorf since 1890, bringing to the market over 125 years of experience in MV and HV Surge protection.

The company mission of TRIDELTA GmbH is to provide speedy and cost-efficient development and production of innovative products and solutions for their customers.

With it own R&D department and also its close connections to technical universities and Hermsdorf Institute Of Technical Ceramics, Tridelta is often lauded for the innovative solution.


OBO Bettermann is the market leader and one of the most reputable brand in Europe.

Established since 1911 and over 100 years of proven track record in quality, OBO is widely adopted many user in critical market segment such as Utilities, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, renewal Energy, Building and Construction and the list goes on.

OBO product solution is generally segregated into 7 major product group such as

  • Transient and Lightning protection system (Surge Selection Aid available)
  • Cable Routing system
  • Cable support system
  • Fire protection system
  • Device system
  • Underfloor system
  • Connection and Fastening system


Catu Electric France has nearly a century of service of electrical safety

Establish since 1919, The CATU company developed its activities, from its creation,
On the manufacturing of material and equipment for the transmission and distribution networks of electrical energy.
But it is really since 1936 that CATU activities were clearly concentrated on the conception and the manufacturing of protection equipment against the electric risks.
A little time after the end of World War II, a central department for the Safety and the Accident prevention was created within EDF.

Since 1996, CATU is a subsidiary of the SICAME Group, one of the world leaders of accessories for the works of transmission and energy distribution.
A specialist recognized all over the world.

The product can be broadly categorize into 7 category below

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as Gloves, Boots, Harness Locking and Signalling such as Pad locks, Circuit breaker Lockers
  • LV test and Measurement, Earthing system, Live Working tools such as Voltage detector, Insulating tools
  • MV Safety substation equipment such as Voltage and Phase Comparator, Life saving kit
  • MV Equipment such as Insulating sticks, overhead line system, Single phase comparator
  • HV Line and Switchgear equipment such as HV Voltage detector
  • Earthing Connection such as earth rods and earth resistance tester

*Catalogue available upon request*


Kries-Energietechnik GmbH & Co. KG is the one of the big name when it comes to Voltage Detection solution.

Founded in 1994 with a sole purpose in Design and manufacturing of electronic systems for optimising the availabilty of electrical energy.

Kries became synonymous with Voltage or Fault Detection. The solution is widely accepted and recommended for use among key Transformer and Switchgear maker around the world.

  • IKI-Line: Short Circuit & Earth Fault Detection, Protection, Distribution Monitoring/Protection/Operation Devices
  • Capline: Voltage Detection Devices
  • Cap-Phase: Universal Tester (Combined phase comparator and voltage detector)
  • Ponline: Telecontrol (RTUs, SCADA)
  • PSULine: Buffered Power Supplies UPS


Enspec power is a UK engineering Company specialising in reactive power compensation, Harmonic Filtration, Power System Analysis.

Our capability involve designing, manufacture and install energy saving Power Factory Correction(PFC) equipment for the improved operating efficiency of electrical power systems to provide electricity cost savings and reduced carbon footprints.

Enspec Power also specialise in power quality solutions and the manufacture of Harmonic Filters to eliminate the unwanted effects of harmonic distortion from electrical networks.

More information about Enspec can be found here


Thomas and Betts (T&B) is a designer and manufacturer of connectors and components for electrical and communication markets.

Founded in Thomas and Betts was founded in 1898 by two young engineers from Princeton University Robert M. Thomas and Hobart D. Betts. Thomas & Betts is notable as the inventor of Cable Ties in 1958 to facilitate assembling Wires Harnesses in airplane. It has recently expanded its product offerings through the acquisition of leading brands in the power protection industry specifically focused on critical infrastructure.

Now Thomas and Betts is part of ABB Group

  • Cable ties, Terminals, Fittings, Compression connectors and Wire Management Products.
  • Metallic Boxes and Cover, Metal Framing